Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kerri and Kendall: Milwaukee Area Engagement

Today started off hot, and very VERY windy. I mean, turn around the corner and be knocked off your feet, windy. I took a look at the weather projections online, and saw there was a threat of severe storms to come through our area late this afternoon into the evening. Great, I thought. I might have to reschedule the photoshoot for tonight. I hate having to reschedule. But I was hoping that any storms would just blow right by Milwaukee, or break apart before it got here.
Lucky for me, nothing happened. Well, the wind still blew, but the sun shone with it's warm brilliance, making the park we met up at just glow with bright yellows and greens. Apparently spring has sprung right into summer, and I love it.
Kerri and Kendall are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. Seriously, completely, cutely in love with each other. The way Kendall looks at her is the way I hope every single groom looks at his new wife: emanating with happiness and awe at the chance to live the rest of their lives together. I enjoyed every minute of our time together this afternoon- and I can't wait to share in your wedding day, too!



Melanie said...

What fun and beautiful pics! Looks like you ended up with some great lighting. :)

chocolate hug said...

It's really interesting in the last two how her shirt illuminates both their faces from the bottom. :) The extra light gives just enough definition to their faces. Very romantic looking set!

Emily Ebeling said...

I noticed that, too- there are a couple earlier on in the shoot that his shirt was illuminating her- I love working that in :)