Friday, May 27, 2011

Megan, Keith, and Calleigh: Appleton Area Family Photos

My friend, Megan, and I really haven't seen much of each other since school, and I had never met her daughter, Calleigh, and had only officially met her husband once. Ever. It was definitely high time for us to get together, and thanks to the magic of Facebook, we were able to set up a time for me to come up and follow them around with my camera.
As I was driving from my parents' home to the shoot, I kept my eyes open: cuz it's spring in Wisconsin, there are all kinds of little patches of spring beauty. And thanks for their trust in my "eye", Megan's family was up for taking a little 10 minute trip to a pretty little spot I found nearby a pond. And it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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