Monday, May 30, 2011

Equestrian Styled Shoot: Adrianne and Rory

I woke up with a start. It already looked pretty light out, and I knew I had to get going. I tiptoe down the hallway, and maneuver around my sister's room, and come right up to her bed.

me: "Hey. Adri!"
me: "Adri, the light is perfect right now. Wake up!"
Adri: "What? What time is it?"
I hide the clock from her view. She manages to catch a glimpse at the time anyway.
Adri: "What? you said you weren't going to wake me up until 6:30!"
She got up anyway, and I am really glad she did. The light was super soft with a lot of fog, and I knew that as soon as the sun came out it would just fizzle away. I wanted to capture her in that dewy, romanticized lighting. Just an idea I had in my head, and I love my sister all the more for letting me wake her up at 6:12 am, and put her in a dress, and put a headband in her hair. Thanks, seesta! I love you!

in honor of our troops this Memorial Day:


Melanie said...

The fog really give the pics a dreamy quality. 1, 5, & 7 are my favs.

And what a good sis you have to get up so early and do a shoot!

Emily Ebeling said...

yes, She's the best :)

chocolate hug said...

Em, that fog is just amazing!