Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why, Hello There!

Today is June First.

And I am Captain Obvious.

But I have to say (write) that out loud, because I just don't believe it, not yet. Partly because I know what June brings: a WHOLE lotta work. Good work, work that I love to do, with lots of different people from different backgrounds and different needs; but there's me, the work at home mom who wants to play outside with her little boy, and spend time my hubby, (who is still looking for full time employment, by the way- we've been praying a lot about that, and could use more :) I guess it's a good thing I am busy.

If you haven't noticed, this is a rambling post.

I think it's healthy to ramble- although I know several people who make fun of me about my rambling voice mails. I say the same thing many times over, but in a different, more interesting way each time. Actually, I make fun of me for that. And that's okay.
Today Jon got hissed at by a mother goose who was protecting her goslings. So he took a picture of her on his phone.

Now, let me explain more. She (the goose) was sitting by a soda machine at the front entrance of Lowe's, the hardware store. Since he thought it was an unusual hide-out for a goose, my hubby took a picture. That makes me happy.
Tonight at bathtime, Si decided he wanted to start talking in an english accent. "I jumpin in the woh-tah". He knows how to say "water", but tonight it was "woh-tah". Probably got that from his favorite British Hulu program: "Boo". Most people don't know what that is. Heck, I'm not even sure what Boo is. But Josiah loves him, and the music is fun.
I had my first softball game tonight of the season. We lost, but I went 3 for 3 and scored all three times I got on base. My fielding needed some work, but I got back on the horse after while.
Speaking of horse, I rode Chance, my mom's horse, this weekend- my thighs really are sore.
I hope I haven't bored you- have a great night, everyone!

And here's a picture I took last year, because blog posts with pictures are just way more interesting.

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