Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Boy and His Dog

It is the last morning we are up at my parents' home, a much needed break from the constant go-go-go of our normal lives. I find myself wistfully looking over the rolling hills of waving alfalfa and prairie grasses, feeling the warmth of the late spring sun soaking into my winter-pale skin. (don't worry, I wear sunscreen :)
Si has been spending most of his time outdoors throwing the Frisbee to the dog, and laughing hysterically when the dog actually chases after it. It makes me smile in my heart when I see him running as fast as he can with a huge smile on his face trying to get the Frisbee back; there's room here for him to roam. And grow.
Today started out windy and hot and super-bright, and Si wanted a picture with his dog before we left, so that's what we did. My camera is already packed, so I grabbed my dad's camera for this shot. It got a little overexposed, but had to keep it, because Si is only 2, and will only sit still for so long. But, as you all know, when you make a new friend, you have to take a picture with them.
Have a joyful day~

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Melanie said...

Your little guy is getting so big!