Monday, July 11, 2011

Stacy and Mark: Minneapolis Area Wedding

Mark remembers the first time he met Stacy, and she was instantly engrained in his mind. She doesn't recall their first meeting, so Mark made sure to make a good impression on her the SECOND time they met. Then she did remember him. And the rest, as they say, is history. On a beautiful day last summer, despite Stacy's softball injury and crutches, Mark convinces her to go for a walk, and asks her to marry him.
She said yes.
Their wedding day started off hazy and hot- you know, that muggy, midwestern summer HOT. And it stayed HOT. But I am not complaining- Stacy is wedding planner extraordinaire, and everything went SO smoothly and everything at the venue was gorgeous (despite the snafu about the air conditioning), every detail was perfection.
Mark and Stacy, it is a pleasure to know you two, because, seriously, you are the most gorgeous couple, inside and out. You are such open, caring, considerate, genuinely friendly people. Evah. Thanks for the opportunity to share in such a special way this huge part of your lives. I cannot wait to see you guys again! Maybe at the next baseball game..... :)

Venue: Blackberry Ridge Golf Club
Flowers: Lisa of Forget Me Not Floral Events 

Stacy and Mark opted for a "first look"- since they had a late ceremony time, this allowed for LOTS of time beforehand to get most of the photos in:

Jonathan, my hubby, shot this wedding with me, since it was a little far for my usual assistant to travel: here's one from his angle:

the next two are from Jonathan's angle:

Stacy, you are absolutely glam!

Their pup, Kirby, even got to join in the fun!

Ceremony pics: Kirby got to be the ring-bearer- the cutest thing ever!

Jonathan's angle- this shot made me tear up, it's so perfect!

and one from my angle: from right to left: Stacy's step-dad, mom, and brother all made it in this shot!

Just Married!


Traci said...

These pictures take my breath away! Simply amazing! what a great day, you did a wonderful job of capturing that!!!

Emily Ebeling said...

thanks, Traci~ I am SO thankful that no one passed out! Didn't Stacy do an amazing job planning everything??? What a great bride to work with! And her friends weren't too shabby, either ;) Thanks for being such troopers!

Kara Linz (Chloee's Mom) said...

Wow!! These pictures are AMAZING!! Let me know what I need to do to order some!!

StacyE said...

I just realized that you could comment on these - I can NOT wait to see the rest and be able to order them! :) You are amazing Emily! We love you!!!! - Stacy & Mark

Emily Ebeling said...

Thanks for the comment, Stacy!!! :) you rock!