Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy and Steven: Watertown Wedding

Amy and Steven are the kind of people I strive to be: loving, gracious, and immensely cool. Like, I wanna be like them, cool. One year ago today I did their engagement portraits at Amy's family farm, and shortly after that they left to teach in the Dominican Republic. And yes, I followed them on their blog. I am addicted to blog reading, by the way.
I was amazed by their little adventures they got to experience together, the comical way Steven could tell a story, and the happiness Amy could exude through words, even during the rainy season. And I fell in love with this couple more and more, and could NOT wait to shoot their wedding.
The day certainly did not disappoint. When a couple shows their love to each other the way Steven and Amy do, it makes me smile and jump for joy, because that stuff SHOWS on camera. And, quite honestly, makes my job a lot easier. So, Steven and Amy, please enjoy these pictures, and enjoy all the little adventures that are in store for you as a married couple.
PS. I will definitely have to visit you in your new home in AZ!  Yes, I just invited myself over. How does January look for you?? :)

The beautiful Diana was able to assist with this wedding, and her photos compliment mine just SO wonderfully- she was shooting wide-angle:

while I kept the shots nice and tight with my 50 mm:

Since I was up in the balcony, Diana stayed downstairs and was able to get this shot:

while I was getting the shots above of the bride and groom with wedding party, Diana focused in on just the wedding party (the next two are from her angle):

Diana loves doing shoe shots :)
After working with the whole wedding party, we went off with just Amy and Steven for their first portraits as husband and wife:

these are from my angle:

and this is the same spot from Diana's angle:

and another from Diana:

A great big shout out to their parents: the love they have for family and for each other is obvious!

Diana got the detail shots of the cake this time, since I was attempting to move my equipment out of the way before the dinner started.

and I made it just in time to get them cutting the cake :)

Diana got this one of Amy and her dad:

And this one is just adorable- Diana was at the right place at the right time!


Anonymous said...

Emily, another great shoot! Amy & Steve will have great memories and beautiful reminders of their special day through your photos.
Peter G.

L. Ross said...

Beautiful wedding - wonderful times - great photographs to cherish the memories!

Emily Ebeling said...

Thank you! A beautiful couple, inside and out.