Saturday, July 16, 2011

Christine and Justin: Milwaukee Area Wedding

I would be lying if I told you I wasn't nervous for this wedding. Well, I get nervous before every wedding- like the good, excited nerves and nerves over the pressure I put on myself to get great images of everything, and nerves over making a good impression, etcetera, etcetera.
I know that there should be no reason for the nerves- it was a gorgeous warm summer day, with beautiful filtered sunshine, and a bride who knew what she wanted and totally trusted me to get exactly that. Which I love :) I can't describe to you the beautiful people who were all involved with the day- from the families who were excited and happy and wore their hearts on their sleeves, right down to the awesome "Church Lady" (Hi, Marva!) who was more than helpful in getting exactly what was needed when we needed it. The wedding day went so smoothly from the time the flowers arrived right down to the "YMCA" on the dance floor.
Justin and Christine, I am SO privileged to know you guys, and to get to be with you on your wedding day was so special beyond words. I pray that your married life brings you new adventures, and that your love grows even more!

Diana was able to shoot with me today-YAY!!!- the next two are from her angle:

since she was shooting with a wide angle lens, I decided to keep it tight with my 50 mm lens:

While I was getting the more formal shots, this is what Diana was able to get:

Diana got this lovely shot of the groom with his parents:

Diana's angle:

the next two are from Diana's angle.....I have to admit, I am a little jealous of these!

and yet another wonderful shot from Diana's angle:

I had to include one more from Diana- while I was getting the bride and groom portraits, the girls were hanging out in a really beautiful spot:


chocolate hug said...

Em that last dancing shot is super cool! I love it!

Emily Ebeling said...

thanks, Diana! I'm glad they did the "ymca" twice....I thought of this shot as the first time was ending!