Monday, February 6, 2012

Ebeling Art Studio Photography Spring Special


When? Saturday, May 19, 2012 all day- please contact me ( with time of day you prefer, and I will email you what is available during that time)
Where? Milwaukee County Park Grounds (contact me for address)
What? 2 photo packages available:
The following special package prices are available on May 19, 2012 ONLY and payment is due at the time of your photo session- cash or check made out to "EAS" :)

Package One: 
Mini-session for only $75 includes:
15-20 minute session fee
Online Hosting of edited images (10-15 edited images)- easy to order online professional prints at only about $5.50 for an 8x10 print
$15 Gift Certificate towards ordering prints online (no minimum order required)
Maximum of 6 people

Package Two:
Mini-session for only $125 includes:
15-20 minute session fee
Online Hosting of edited images (10-15 edited images)
$20 Gift Certificate towards ordering prints online (no minimum order required)
Maximum of 6 people
CD of edited images and rights to print ($100 value)

Please email me at with the following information:
1.Your first and last name (if you are purchasing this for a friend or other family member, please let me know their names, too) And your kids' ages and first names (so I can better prepare for your shoot)
2.The time of day you would prefer (I will respond with available time slot)
3.The number of people in your family
4.Which package you want.
5.The best way to reach you if Family Day needs to be rescheduled due to weather.

Don't worry- I WILL NOT PUT YOU ON A MASS-MAILING LIST! I just need this information so I  can give you the best possible service :)

What to Expect:
Please note that these are being taken at a park, and that I will have you/your kids running, playing, laying or sitting on the ground- these are NOT stiff studio portraits. This portrait session is meant to capture your family's true, fun, interactive energy. I take pictures in purposeful way that will make for great wall collages, or solo displays- probably by starting off with a basic family portrait, some shots of just the kids, and some of just mom n dad- and anything else we may have time for (i.e. individual shots of the kids- these will only be done IF we have time).
The "look" you want is up to you- just make sure the clothing is washable! :) My #1 suggestion: choose a color palette, and pick out clothing that fits in that palette- you don't have to wear the exact same outfits to make your pictures "look right". In fact, this gives you and your kids the opportunity to wear your own style, while still looking well-coordinated.
If you want a more classic look: keep to neutral colors- browns, grays, whites, etc. and jeans/khakis or skirts
If you want an edgier look: have a solid main color (like black) mixed with a color that "pops" like yellow, turqoise, or red.
If you want a more formal look: flowy skirts/dresses look great with sandals or bare feet, and button-down shirts with top button undone and jeans makes for an easy-going style for the guys while still looking formal.
Try to avoid lots of patterns- if everyone wears plaid, even if it's the exact same, it can get a little overwhelming to look at.

You CAN bring your own props! Balloons, blankets, toys, hats, chairs, books, whatever is special to your family. (You may include your family pet- animals are allowed at this park- there is an extra $20 charge added to your session fee- just please let me know at least 24 hours in advance- and you are responsible for taking care of and restraining your pet- thank you!)

I will have your pictures ready in 2-4 weeks, depending on how many families sign up for the day. Slots will fill up quickly, so contact me as soon as you can! Thank You!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New at Ebeling Art Studio

Photo Art on Metal!
For ordering information, please email "Josh" at
Available in single image (one sheet of visible metal) or dual image (two sheets of visible metal)

All sizes come with rounded corners for a beautiful finished look, plus a "floating mount" with rubber grips to create a space between the wall and the print. (except for wallet sized prints- you want them to fit inside your wallet, so those are left flat :)

Detail of dual image print:

These are created through a process called "sublimation"- the photo becomes PART of the metal! If you are interested in how you can get a metal print (even if your pictures are not done by EAS!) please email "Josh" at These are only available by special order.