Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kristin and Tony: Milwaukee Area Engagement

Oh, Kristin and Tony.
What a nice surprise tonight was! Not only did we NOT have rain (glory, hallelujah!) but the two of you opened up in front of my camera in such a way that just made me LAUGH. I had the most fun not only taking your pictures, but spending our time together talking and hiking through Milwaukee's fresh marshland. Sorry your shoes got wet!
I am sure that your wedding in December will be just as much fun, and just as beautiful. I know I will enjoy it even more than I enjoyed today!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Deb and Matthew: Milwaukee Area Wedding

Today started off sunny, and ended with beautiful filtered light. Not at all what the weather experts called for just 24 hours earlier- we were supposed to start the day off with rain, and top it off later on with thunderstorms. But I was NOT complaining. And neither were Deb and Matthew.
We all prayed that the rain would hold off, and we ended up some of the most beautiful light to work with today, which made documenting this wonderful couple's day just that much easier. Not only did we have great weather, but a gorgeous church, acres of rolling meadowlands, and a couple whose love runs deep and true in each other and in their faith.
Matthew and Deb, it really was an extreme pleasure to share your day with you- and I am SO happy to get to know you a little better, and see what you have in and with each other. I hope you enjoy your cruise. Say hi to the whales for me!

After Dinner, the couple surprised us with an outfit change: customized redwings jerseys!

And, in lieu of a dance, they had TONS of games set out for their guests to play- it was really festive and fun (and a lot easier to carry on a conversation ;)