Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kristy and Brenton: Sheboygan Area Wedding

I love my little brother.
I know, that's a weird way to start a wedding post. But seriously, I think he's my biggest fan. He has a number of things going for him- he's really happy and great to be around, he's a social butterfly, and he loves to play baseball and softball. He's on something like 5 or 6 different teams, so he's pretty busy during the summer. But he knows a LOT of people, and he is not afraid to tell couples about my work, and Kristy and Brenton were two of those people. I actually met them at a game that I was subbing for, and shortly after that Kristy found me on Facebook and we struck up a great conversation about what she wanted for photos for her wedding.
Needless to say, I was super excited to shoot their day- I knew Kristy would find a gorgeous spot for their outdoor ceremony, and I was blown away by the simple beauty of the park she chose. Backlit weeping willows? Yes, please! River in the background? Ummmm, of course! Add to that a warm summer day with a light breeze, and you have perfection.
Kristy and Brenton, I am so pleased with how everything came together, and a HUUUUGE thank you for your trust in my ability to get great photos of you guys on your wedding day!

I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding with my hubby, Jonathan. He got to stay back with Kristy and her dad right before they walked down the aisle, and this is what he got:

Funny little tidbit: Kristy's bridesmaid's shoes were just a little .....tall.......and difficult to maneuver smoothly walking on the grass- so she had their shoes lined up at the ceremony spot and they wore flip-flops up the aisle, then put on their actual shoes. It was kinda cute!

the exchange of rings:

just married!

Jonathan's angle:

My angle:

Jon's Angle:

the next two are from Jonathan's Angle:

another from Jonathan's angle:


Anonymous said...

were is the picture of his and her rings , I saw her ring but where is his??

Emily Ebeling said...

In another picture that wasn't posted. Never fear, it was taken, just not shown yet :)