Monday, October 8, 2012

John and Sarah: Milwaukee Area Wedding Photography


Christopher Poff said...

Oh, wow! Your photos of the wedding turned out absolutely brilliant! I love what you do with the angles you make when you frame an image. These photos could be used as textbook examples of smart composition in an art class.

Linda Poff said...


Your wedding photos of Sarah and John are absolutely breathtaking. You captured the happiness and love that you could feel between Sarah and John on their special day. Amazing creativity in your photography, you most certainly have a special gift!

Linda Poff

Emily Ebeling said...

thank you BOTH (Linda and Christopher) I appreciate every comment, especially such positive, thoughtful ones like yours. It really was a joyful day, and I loved working with Sarah and John! And the Bridal Party was totally cooperative with what we were looking for in the photos- makes my job that much easier!!

fashion designers said...

Wow!!! This is by far the most amazing wedding session I've ever seen!!! The photos are really incredible. We can follow the story behind it and the emotions. Love the light as well. Congratulations for this amazing work.

J fritsch said...

I am not sure who made the comments about this wedding, except I'm guessing they were made from either friends or relatives. I am the father of the groom, and after seeing all the pictures I was not impressed with the quality of the pictures. Some were blurred, and when most were zoomed in you could see that the pictures were not up to the quality you might expect of professional photography.

The ceremony pictures were taken with a zoom lens from the balcony. A lot had been edited in photo shop. While some editing is required with digital photography the quality of her work is not up to par with the price that she charges.

It took over three months to receive the photos and they still haven't received their wedding album. Pictures taken it to process were dark. The place where they were printed did not even ask for a professional release to print them.

We have dealt with another professional photographer for my Daughters wedding in June of 10 and their portraits were all of very good quality. They received the photos and wedding book in two weeks.

I am a bit apprehensive because my youngest son and his future bride have a contract with her to do their wedding in June

Emily Ebeling said...

Hi, J! I do appreciate all comments- even criticisms. Our timeline for photos and the custom album is agreed upon by contract, and I fulfill those obligations. My photography is stylized, and I often shoot "wide open" to achieve this stylization, which can result in some soft lines. As far as printing, I would definitley recommend going to a printing lab, or if you ordered online, I would be happy to contact that lab to fix any issues. Sarah and John were quite pleased with their photos, so that makes me happy :)