Friday, April 13, 2012

French Garden Style Wedding Shoot

Meet Kristal and Brian:

They are a super-wonderful couple who have been married for almost 8 years. Kristal and I reconnected a few years ago at a networking event (she is owner/operator of Kristal Clear Graphics), and since then I have shot a couple of her friends' weddings. She has mentioned several times over the last couple of years that it would have been awesome if I had shot her wedding (don't get me wrong, she loves her wedding photos) but she started yearning for something a little more "out of the box" for their portraits. So, because of that,  I asked if they would be willing to help me out with a very big project in the works: pretty much a re-vamping of everything to do with Ebeling Art Studio.  So I styled a photoshoot, they got to have their pictures taken, and Zach from Best Man Media worked his magic with shooting some photographer-in-action video. Believe me, he is magical. Cuz I think I actually might have looked kinda, sorta,  maybe just a little, good in the video. I usually get to hide in the background and NOT be the center of attention, so I was butterflies- in -the -stomach nervous for this shoot. Silly, I know. But we settled in quickly and had a great time all working together. We started a little more than an hour before sunset to get the most ideal, soft lighting for the right look for the shoot, and worked until dusk for a little more drama.
Thanks to a super-warm March, there are way more flowers than usual for this time of year, so we took advantage:

flowers were done by me:

My hubby, Jonathan, joined in the shoot- he's one of my back-up photographers, and I love what he is able to capture! The next 3 are from his angle:

now back to my angle:

 look at this great sunset light!!


more from Jonathan's angle:

and back to my angle, shooting through some bushes:

at twilight we lit a few candles to add a little sparkle:

 and a few more from Jonathan:

 love this detail shot Jonathan captured:

and one last set at dusk in front of the St. Joan of Arc Chapel:


chocolate hug said...

Emily I was so confused when I saw these since I thought they were already married! I figured something was up though with the extra staging we usually don't (but actually should) have time for. These are absolutely stunning!

Emily Ebeling said...

thanks, Diana! Kristal was so excited to be in this shoot- that makes the pictures even better, I think!