Saturday, October 1, 2011

Josh and Allison: Northern WI Wedding

Dear Josh and Allison,

It's not often that I have the opportunity to photograph a wedding for people I love so much. I am blessed beyond words to have you guys as part of my family, and we (the whole family) are so happy you two found each other! God is smiling at your blossoming relationship, and you two seemed more than happy to be promising your lives to each other on this beautiful October day.
I know you will have a great marriage, especially if you keep smiling, laughing, and dancing together as much as you did on your wedding day.
Thank you again for putting your trust in me and Jonathan to document your wedding day- it was a blast!


PS. I really hope we can get together for some Irish dancing- what a fun workout! :)

Church details courtesy of Jonathan:

I  got to hang out with the girls while Jonathan was getting the church detail shots.

Ali just glowed in her simply elegant gown- (you look stunning!)

And Josh cleaned up good for the wedding day- a very handsome guy :)

had to include some of the gorgeous fall foliage:

Josh hanging out with his guys, who did a great job keeping him relaxed!(these are from Jonathan)

And our cousin, Dan: usher extraordinaire!

while I was up in the balcony, Jonathan stayed in the back to get this shot:

There was this great little window in the alcove of the main entrance of the church (I used it for the bulletin shot above)- a very small space, but I wanted to get a few portraits of them in there. There was sunlight bouncing off the wall in front of them to illuminate the whole space.

check out this amazing October light:

Jonathan's angle:

I am SO glad Jon got this shot- just to show more of the gorgeous October colors:

After portraits, we headed to the reception, where these fall arrangements graced each of the tables:

There was no cake....but there were muffins!!!

For the dance, they started with a more traditional slow dance:

and THEN they danced an Irish jig! IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Allison and her dad danced a beautiful slow dance (good thing, too- I think she was a little out of breath from the Irish dancing!)

Josh and his mom did a traditional Wisconsin dance. The polka, to "Roll out the Barrel".

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