Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mickey and Scott: Appleton Area Wedding

If two people were made to be with each other, it would be Mickey and Scott. High school sweethearts and best friends, they vowed their commitment to each other before God and their family this past Saturday morning.
I love the crisp light of morning, and this day didn't disappoint. The sun shone brightly all day long as the guests enjoyed the outdoor games and potluck reception.
Of course, Mickey looked stunning, and Scott cleaned up nicely :) Two of the most friendly people in the world, I have enjoyed every minute with them, with the camera and without- I am looking forward to a lasting friendship with these two!
Scott and Mickey, I can tell you are loving your Colorado Honeymoon- and blessings on your marriage!


chp said...

These are wonderful. You are such a talented photographer! Thanks for helping to create these lasting memories for our friends. :)

Emily Ebeling said...

your welcome :) a truly fantastic couple, and great to work with! thanks for the compliment!